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Posted on Nov 27, 2018

Allied Pest & Wildlife

Here is an interesting Oregon resident that most people don’t even know exists.The ringtail (Bassariscus Astutus) is a mammal of the raccoon family.  They are often referred to by their common names which are ringtail cat, ring-tailed cat, miner's cat or bassarisk. It is smaller then a house cat and it has a long black and white ringed tail. While its conservation status nationally is of least concern in Oregon, it is defined as a sensitive species.  The ringtail is a omnivore and dines on insects and small mammals such as rabbits, mice, rats and ground squirrels being its preferred diet.  Occasionally the ringtail will also eat fish, lizards, birds, snakes and carrion. The ringtail also enjoys juniper, hack, black berries, persimmon, prickly pear, and fruit in general.  In Oregon, the ringtail occurs in Lane, Douglas, Klamath, Jackson, Josephine, and Curry counties. It is an Oregon Conservation Strategy Species in the Coast Range, Klamath Mountains and West Cascades ecoregion.